Pasiūlymai verslui

  • Naujai įkurtoms įmonės buhalterinės apskaitos paslaugos pirmus du mėnesius kainuos tik 50 Lt/mėn + PVM.

  • Įmonėms veikiamčioms ilgiau nei 6 mėnesius ir pasirašius su mumis buhalterinės apskaitos tvarkymo sutartį, pirmus 2 mėnesius suteiksime 50% nuolaidą nuo sutartos sumos.

Tilto g. 35/4

Vilnius LT -01101

Tel.: 8 (5) 2639838

Fax.: 8 (5) 2608346

Mob.: 8(685) 20123


About us


Ltd “Finansų apskaitos centras” is a specialized company of accounting services, which are provided since 2000.

Having qualified accounting specialists and modern computerized accounting systems, we offer high quality, full and partial accounting management services.


All customers are equally valuable to us. For each client we can offer the most suitable and optimal solution.

Ltd “Finansų apskaitos centras” undertakes to provide services in the following way:


  • competently;
  • act in good faith;
  • take care of customers’ interests;
  • follow the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other existing legislation.


We guarantee and assure the confidentiality of customers’ data and documents.

We ensure the security because data is kept in professional computerized accounting systems, which are stored in servers.

Providing our customers the access to the accounting program via Internet in any location, we guarantee efficiency and service flexibility.

All services provided are insured “BTA“.