UAB “Finansų apskaitos centras”

UAB Finansų apskaitos centras is a specialized accounting services company that has been in the business since 2000.

Our services are professional and meet the strict requirements and standards required in this area. Quality, reliability, and long-standing experience are our main advantages. We offer highly qualified specialists with experience in various fields to manage accounting. While managing your accounting, we take full responsibility for the quality of our work and undertake to compensate the customer for the loss caused by our improper performance or non-compliance. Our service rates are competitive but are not higher than the salary of a hired accountant which carries much less responsibility. 

Our company’s customer base is growing, so our work principles are based on deepening the individual needs of each client and maintaining long-term relationships with them, preparing to quickly solve complex problems, and offering practical solutions.

We constantly analyse our experience, look for new ways and improve our professional qualification.